Western Baul Podcast Series

A Deeper Yoga: Moving Beyond Image to Wholeness and Freedom (Christina Sell)

July 29, 2021

A deeper yoga implies a surface to the experience of life, which can be beautiful, and a depth, a deeper reality. Regular immersion into practices and behaviors that move us into the depth of who we are is like jumping into the ocean. When we come out we bring some of the ocean with us into ordinary life so that the depth informs the surface. The stages of “clean up, grow up, wake up, show up,” discussed by Ken Wilber and Richard Rohr, are not linear. Even in the midst of cleaning up our lives, in brokenness, we can be of great service. There are two basic streams of consciousness: the outflow of attention and the inward current which is always attracted to the depth. The mood of love is the nature of the ocean of depth. Being around a real teacher can be like being around the ocean. Christina is a long-time yoga practitioner, teacher, and teacher trainer. Her books include Yoga from the Inside OutMy Body is a Temple, and A Deeper Yoga.

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