Western Baul Podcast Series

Contemplation: Awareness and Presence in Ordinary Life (Angelon Young)

January 28, 2021

We all have an innate need to cultivate the sacred within ourselves. Contemplation creates the possibility of opening to the effortless flow of life and to our imagination and creativity. Self-knowledge is an ongoing process that we can nurture at each stage of our lives. We can build our capacity to be a vessel for awareness and an intention for transformation for the benefit of ourselves and others. Obstacles to contemplation and the distinction between rumination and contemplation are discussed in this talk—along with the value of staying present during times of pain, despair, or depression. Angelon is a workshop leader, editor, and author of As It Is, Under the Punnai Tree, The Baul Tradition, Caught in the Beloved’s Petticoats, Enlightened Duality (with Lee Lozowick), and Krishna’s Heretic Lovers.

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