Western Baul Podcast Series

Creative Life: The Art of Getting Out of Our Own Way (Bandhu Dunham)

June 17, 2021

If we have a creative idea and let the steam out of it, perhaps by talking about it prematurely or by not respecting the sacredness of creative energy, it can dissipate. As in life, artists start down a path, get themselves in trouble, and need to creatively find their way. Our initial creative inspiration can seem perfect, but then there is resistance in manifesting the vision. We can make many excuses for not being creative. It’s safe to observe things from a distance, but it's another matter to be on the field of life manifesting creativity. The work makes itself when we are “in the zone.” One of the jobs of art is to inspire people to be creative in their lives. We respond to works where people are expressing something of their deeper nature. There is value in tradition which can be brought into the present in the midst of creative change. Bandhu is author of Creative Life and an internationally recognized glass artist and teacher.

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