Western Baul Podcast Series

Love What You Do Not Love: The Doorway to Ever Present Peace (Vijaya Fedorschak)

April 22, 2021

A discussion on teachings of Arnaud Desjardins. The spiritual path is the search for what is indestructible in us, but we seek comfort from that which is destructible. “What is the cause of my suffering?” is the most important question we can ask. Reactions and thoughts are imposed on us by interdependent forces. Ever present peace is not dependent on external circumstance and is always in us. When there is emotion we do not see situations as they are. We cannot be in a condition of peace if we have a non-loving attitude toward anyone. It is possible to do a turn-around at such times, in the moment. The key to be transformed through everyday pursuits is to accept the favorable and the unfavorable. To attempt here and now communion with a person is the path to non-duality. It is essential to be patient and faithful to ourselves as we are. VJ is author of Shadow on the Path and Father and Son.

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