Western Baul Podcast Series

Maintaining Presence in the Midst of Chaos (Bandhu Dunham)

March 11, 2021

If our concept of order doesn’t match with nature’s higher concept of order, we may question nature rather than our concept. We seek power over chaos out of fear and denial to hide from the fact that mortality is real. In order for us to work with what we consider to be chaos, we have to cultivate a quality of restraint. The mind is meant to be part of a system under the control of our being, our "Real I." Coming back to our center in an age where we are constantly distracted by conflicting information involves work with attention. The satisfaction that we get out of life comes from being in the present. A lot of the stress that we feel comes from not being present in the moment, from concerns about the past or the future. By being in relationship to what is present and right in front of us, we become related to the whole universe. Bandhu is author of Creative Life and an internationally recognized glass artist and teacher.

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