Western Baul Podcast Series

The Alchemy of Grief and Love (Nachama Greenwald)

March 25, 2021

Grief strongly and powerfully undermines the illusory belief that life is permanent and solid. It purifies anything that stands in the way of reality. Grief takes us to the great mystery, to a place of not knowing, and it is possible to rest there. It can thaw any part of the heart that is frozen, allowing it to open and show its secrets. Sometimes the mind tells us that we understand something, but we really don’t get it. There is an apparent dichotomy between the pristine non-dual dharma and life in its rawness and messiness; they are actually inseparable. Love and grief are interconnected and what arises through a broken heart is love and compassion. The willingness to love, knowing that those that we love will be taken away, is a holy and sacred process. Nachama is a physical therapist, editor, and musician who for seventeen years was a member of the Shri blues band which performed Western Baul music.

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