Western Baul Podcast Series

The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself (Matthew Files)

April 8, 2021

Fear is built into the organism, but by trying to eliminate fear we double it and cause more trouble for ourselves. Being with fear rather than trying to do something about it allows it to pass over us and not take root in us. The root of fear is incarnation. There is an assumption that is made that we are separate from what sustains us, which is the context of scarcity and survival that we are born into. All the fear we have about there not being enough is not based on an event or some bad thing that happened to us. Fear of not existing, of “I” or “me” not being there, is terrifying to ego. Fear keeps us from entering the waking state because ego will do anything to stay in control. If we are not afraid of fear, it is likely that fear will not keep us from the waking state when it arises. Matthew has facilitated spiritual groups that support people to look deeper into their process, formulate their own questions, and become responsible for their choices.

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